måndag 4 maj 2009

Lövholmen Battle: Done!

Dear folks,

After a hectic week-end the lövholmen Battle is officially and proudly done.

6 happy and brave teams decided to come and produce architecture instead of sunbathing and hanging in one of Stockholm's park. After a few sausages and "Folkis" the mood was perfect to get into the fight and plan the future of Lövholmen.

The program was slightly modified and instead of a qualification day and a finals day we offered to the public a "light version". The first day turned to a semi-semi-final with 4 teams participating and the two best were qualified for the next day. After a fantastic fight two teams were selected by the public to continue the adventure. Everyone was rewarded by a beer and disco party on Färgfabrikens parking.
After this fantastic day the plan was to have a urban picnic afternoon.
Sunbathing on asfalt is the next hype!

The at 8pm the 4 last teams alive gathered once again to project for a healtier and wider Lövholmen.
The detailed story of the Battle will come really soon (I promise!)...

So after the battle Heavy Stuffs were to expect.
The Lövholmen Battle Party!!
From 10 PM the crew from La Vida Locash blasted some electro and hip-hop tunes and once the crowd was ready Adrian Lux took the mic and offered us some glimses of his upcomming album.
The dancefloor was hot and loud and the crowd got sweaty of such good sounds.
Some pictures will follow and take a look on flickr for all the documentation.

Once again thanks to all the participants and all the people that came for the battle and the party!

See you soon.


torsdag 23 april 2009


Time has come to register!
You have only one week left to be among the happy participants of the Lövholmen Battle.
Party, sun and fun will be gathered for this special event, don't miss it!
Register your team here: architectural.battle@hotmail.com

torsdag 16 april 2009

The Lövholmen Battle!

Hey ho!
The time has come to introduce "The Architectural Event of the Year"(sounds a bit pretentious I know...)
The 1st and 2nd of May 2009 will be held at Färgfabriken the Lövholmen Battle. For those two special days a bar will be provided by Landet sandwiches, drinks and sun will be on the menu!
Concerning the Battle we are expecting 16 teams that will pass qualifications Friday the 1st and the happy winners will be invited to take part of the finals that will be running on Saturday.
To participate one should gather a team of 2 to 3 people and bring their laptop to produce material for a digital presentation. (basic computer knowledge is far enough)
The rules for the Battle are quite simple.
4 Teams gets a topic and haves to produce simultaneously a proposition under a period of 1 hour. At the end of this hour each teams gets 3 minutes to present their work and the public elects their favourite proposition. The 2 best teams of each heat are then qualified for the next round.
At the end of the tournament the winner is awarded and a party celebrates the heroes of those two days.

The place for the event

Here you will find a wonderfull outdoor bar and behind the doors the battle will rage.

The schedules for the Battle

Easy, no?

onsdag 15 april 2009

Well well!

Once again it feels that it was ages since I last wrote something on this blog...
Anyhow, I was supposed to give you the results from the Round 2, but then time passed by and well...
In a short summary I can reveal that the winners are (were?) Anna and Helen that proposed a branding for Lövholmen using dirty tricks.
Ho? You maybe wonder what the battle was about well...
The topic was to enable people to enter the "core of Lövholmen" using a restricted budjet and a simple technology.
Two other teams participated and proposed also amazing solutions.
Linn and Anna proposed a way to lead people inside the site by creating coloured path with various themes.
And last but not least the heavy team composed of Marika, Einar, Andreas and 3 happy friends (sorry guys I'll put your names when I'll meet you again).
Anyhow the the heavy team proposed a bridge made of troubled waters linking Lövholmen to Hornstull by using all the waste disposable in Mälaren.
Thank you all for participating and bringing some joy in architecture!

Well well!

The winners branded their project and the site. Hurray for them!

Lövholmen capital of Scandinavia!